Pure Cool

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pure cool

Pure Cool is a technology applied on fabric to provide comfort features.

This is a "Green Technology" as we recycle jade/stone scrap from sculpture yard and embed this material into the fabric.

The wearer most importantly benefits by reducing body temperature 1-2 degrees Celsius. This allows for maximum comfort without relying on air conditioning even in extremely warm conditions.

Pure Cool is an advanced Green technology applied on fabric providing the following benefits:

  • Body temperature Cooled by 1-2 degrees Celsius
  • Odor Control (AATCC 147)
  • UV Cut
  • Quickdrying
  • Environmentally friendly
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Odor Control (AATCC 147)

pure cool

John played a game of tennis. After two sets to one, he played hard and rallied for a win. Back in the clubhouse, he can't be bothered to change his shirt, but, there are no odors except the sweet smell of victory.

Whether playing tennis or engaging in other physical activities the wearer stays cool and Odor free.

Pure Cool Technology naturally impedes bacterial growth and provides superior Odor control.

  • pure cool - Thermolysis & Coolness
  • pure cool - Odor isolate
  • pure cool - UV-CUT
  • pure cool - Quick Dry
  • pure cool - Friendly