We supply high quality of fabric, our products are supplied to different field of industries or environment, segments including: trekking, travel, outdoor lifestyle, windsurfing, ski and snowboard.

  • Knitted fabrics for base and 2nd layer, including: jersey, mesh and interlock constructions. Many of these items feature proprietary cooling and thermal technologies.
  • Bonded fabrics including: 2 layer and 3 layer constructions. These fabrics are combining woven and knitted substrates and are to be used for outerwear and softshell type garments.
  • Double woven fabrics with stretch for performance outerwear and bottoms.
  • Superlight, cire type fabrics for both down and quilted type garments.
  • Stretch laminate fabrics for high performance outdoor and sportswear categories.
  • Waterproof/Breathable (WPB) laminates for multiple end uses.
  • Shirting weight fabrics in synthetic blends in piece dyed and true yarn dyed versions with addition of either proprietary cooling or thermal technologies.
  • 2 way and 4 way stretch fabrics including double woven versions for high performance and multiple end uses.
  • Synthetic rigid fabrics in top and bottom weights including: dobbies, twills microwaves, etc. Many featuring proprietary cooling and thermal technology.
  • Cordura fabrics for guaranteed high durability garments.