Coffee Thermo

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"INSULARITY" by Coffee Thermo Technology

Coffee Thermo; Drink the Coffee, Wear the Coffee

Coffee Thermo

Advantage of Coffee Thermo:

  • Possesses all functions of Activated Carbon
  • Coffee Thermo is more environmentally
    and friendly than other Activated Carbon products
  • Source is easily obtained
  • Provides thermal regulation
  • Thermal performance
  • UPF rating is increased
  • Odor control
  • Meets AATCC 147 Antimicrobial requirements
  • No restriction on types of fiber
  • Guaranteed for up to 20 Washes
  • Pricing is very economical allowing
    for greater consumer access

Odor Control (AATCC 147)

Coffee Thermo is a very dry substance. When applied to fabric it creates micro perforations on the surface.

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Bacteria cannot be reproduced in a dry environment.


Bacteria is trapped in the tiny holes which reduces it's growth.

By minimizing growth of bacteria, odor is controlled.


Coffee Thermo particles combined with fiber results in fiber with an uneven shape.

Once the fiber has an uneven shape there is then a "siphon phenomenon" which creates a quickdry function in the fabric.

Coffee Carbon is dry by it's nature and this also aids moisture transport.

  • Coffee Thermo - Thermo
  • Coffee Thermo - Odor Control(AATCC147)
  • Coffee Thermo - Quick Dry
  • Coffee Thermo - UV-cut
  • Coffee Thermo - Friendly